Africa is lost

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It’s pretty obvious how things are turning out. Africa is a lost cause, the people with brains started leaving in the 90s. Nobody’s perfect and corruption occurs in all goverments somewhere but when corruption is done is plain sight then it calls for alarm. Fortunately nature will fix the problem but it takes time and the sad thing it causes the innocent to suffer.

I remember in the late 80s when people necklessed those who did not want to follow terrorists. Schools were burnt down to stop the children getting an education by there own people. In the end life got worse. Parties promised houses to everyone who did not have. It’s been 19 years since the promise and the guy who promised it all is long gone dead and he is still praised a hero. My question is, do you have a house or do you live in a shack or live on the street without a job and no food? I guess if you’ve been a moron till now then you’ll be a moron forever. How dumb can you get, taking the land from the farmers who provide the food for you and then cry like babies because there’s no food. Get off your arses and get your continent on its feet.