We Are Getting Knocked By Retailers

Clark Rubber is so over priced. It’s pathetic. My wife went to buy exercise tubing for our exercise machine. Well it cost $9 a metre. I was shocked. Latex rubber does not cost an arm and a leg. I usually buy everything online overseas where I can get a decent price. I priced the exercise tubing online and found 10 metres for $20. And you’re probably thinking it’s probably junk. We’ll I beg to differ. I have bought numerous items.

My kids computers cost me half the price of the same product in Australia. Three years now and they are all still running full steam. I bought 6 of these computers at $800 a piece. They costed $1800 a piece over here in Australia. Electric dog collar cost me $35 from overseas. This has been running for two years. Still perfect. The same collar costs $250 in Australia. A pair of binoculars costed me $50 overseas. I compared it with the same optics over here in Australia and it cost $300 here.