My Honey Booked Us In At The Altitude In Montville

The hotel room was great. Very nice spa and the fire was good. The fire looks like it’s just for show but it work well. It warms up the room nicely. Montvilles little town is great mainly for the ladies and older people. This is my opinion so check it out for yourself. Not a place for children. I didn’t see anything for kids to do in the town. There are places all over to go and walk and site see. We went to the chocolate shop and it was yummy.

We shared ribs at Montville Cafe Bar & Grill and it was great. If you want to please you lady take her here and just suck it up for one day. She will be happy and you’ll survive. Go and do the trail walks. We did a small walk and it turned out to be a bit steep for my honey. So pick you walk carefully. This is a link to where we stayed.