PT Physical Training Instructor courses guaranteeing jobs BEWARE

Let say your rent is averaging $250 a week. that would be $13000 a year you’ll be paying the gym. As a start up PT you probably will charge about $30 to $50 per training session.
You will need about 5 clients a week consistently just to pay the gym rent. The non taxable threshold in Australia is $18000.
So you get another 7 client on top of the 5 clients to pay your rent and you know earn about $18000 a year.
You now have $350 in your pocket a week to pay for fuel, rego, car maintenance, board or rent, food car insurance, personal liability insurance and that mobile phone contract. it’s tax deductable.
Then there is the ongoing insurance cost for personal liability and to keep your qualification you’ll need to pay for ongoing training to keep you up to date.

Lets make a few assumptions.
$250 – Gym rent weekly
$600 – Rego per year
$1300 – Car insurance per year
$200 – estimated personal liability insurance per year
$400 – Car service estimate per year
$50 – Fuel estimate per week
$100 – Rent or boarding estimate per week
$100 – Food/Groceries estimate per week
$80 – mobile phone contract monthly

The estimate works out to about $566 a week expenses. $29432 p
per year.
So far that might not seem bad for some. Try having a social life with no extra cash.
You need 11.3 consistent customers paying you every week to cover these costs more or less.
Not taking into account further training expenses and other hidden costs. The first 12 months you will most likely be in debt. It’s not impossible to get ahead but it is a lot of work and stress to make it a successful career.

You will need to be driven.
You will need to see past the failures.
You will need patience.
You will need to be dynamic.
You will need to know your game.