Raising Children In Today’s World

Firstly this is not a lesson telling you what to do. It is only for information purposes only. Today’s children don’t have the level of respect as we had as children and it will only get worse. Bring back the cane at school. I’m happy for my kids to be disciplined at school if they step out of line. All those parents who disagree probably have complete angels or need discipline themselves. I look at kids running around shopping centres like wild animals doing as they please and the parents couldn’t be bothered. Take your child and fuck off back to wherever to hatched from.

You should be ashamed that you as a parent don’t want your children to grow up with respect. Respect is everything. If you don’t have it then you’re on the loser list. And you are probably thinking I have no idea, well I have two boys and they learnt real young not to be losers. The first time they started to throw tantrums, scream and go wild in public was the last time. One smack on the bum and it was all over. Yes and I’m not talking about abuse, just a good smack, enough to make them realize disrespect was not an option. Now I know some kids don’t learn from a smack, there are many other ways to get them on track. Take away their favourite things. Put them in the naughty corner. Every child has something they don’t want done. My kids are teenagers and they still try and give me up hill. The thing is I know what makes them tick. I haven’t given them a smack in many years. We spend a lot of time together and get on very well. They know that I’m reasonably strict and that I can get full of crap if they push me too far. My discipline has evolved because they are good kids. I turn off their internet when they start to stray. I see most parents are controlled by their children. They want the latest mobile phone and gadgets. Mobile phones are a privilege not a right. Take them away if you can’t get control. If you have then on contract then phone the service provider and have them disconnected until they realize who’s in charge. Give them chores and these should not be rewarded. These are to get them to share the work load at home. Are you a slave to your children? It took a while but my sons do dishes, vacuum and mop every second week. I’m not doing it every week and my wife should not have to either. We give them a hand with the dishes. The general rule is they do it on their week but we still unpack and pack the dishwasher when they are at school or out. The same goes for the garbage bins. It’s their job and we help when they aren’t around. I expect them to make their beds every day and a general tidy of their bedrooms. This is always a battle. By not doing this they are disrespecting me and my home. A while back I sat the kids down and said, this is my house and I am the king. This is not a democracy and you don’t get to vote. If you don’t like it them leave. Now you might say that’s not fair, well life is not fair and I love my kids and want them to get ahead in life. No rules lead to criminal behavior because people think they can do whatever they want.