Something I Noticed About Traffic In The Morning

lot of the traffic is caused by old turds and parent turds. I’m not talking about schools zones. This usually happens in the morning dropping kids off at daycare and somewhere around 3pm in the afternoon. When the sign says 60 drive 60 or move over. I did not say go over 60 if that’s what you’re thinking. You can pick who the turd is because they drive well below the speed limit in the right lane. You just have to wait for it. Yip they eventually turned right a few kilometres down the road.

I think we should be able to report these people via the traffic departments website and if someone is flagged more than three time then they have to get retested for driving on the road. Between the morning and afternoon the traffic flows well because the old farts are having their rest sleeping or playing lawn bowls. The turd parents are at home on their phones or at some shopping centre till the afternoon. I spend a lot of time on the road and this is just how it is. Get on the motorway anytime between 10am and 2pm and all the lanes are traveling dead on the speed limit. 3PM comes and the shit hits the fan because the turds are back on the road.